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The Oro Family

May, 15, 2020

I got a chance to meet the adorable little June! Michael and Roxana invited me to their home to capture these beautiful moments. June is 2 and has been in quarantine for a good amount of time and was just excited to see new faces! She LOVED my purple shoes and kept pointing at them and coming up to me. She was so sweet. Micheal and Roxana kept singing to her to get her distracted and laugh so she didn't run off.

Michael is a set-dresser and I met him when I was working on an A24 feature back in February and he was always so nice to me and everyone on set. I stayed in touch with him after the movie ended and he always kept posting adorable photos of his daughter and I had to capture them together.

Roxana owns and designs swimwear for her swimwear line Roxana Salehoun. @roxanasalehoun on Instagram.

I adored this session as this was my first family photo session that wasn't family! Looking forward to capture more family moments soon!

Check out this beautiful family:

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