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May 11, 2020.

Morgan and Liz are rollerblading, bread-baking QUEENS. No they aren't a couple but their friendship is so dope. Both these beauties work in the film industry. Morgan is a badass journalist for Mashable and Liz is rockstar of a Director of Photography/Gaffer/AC. During the quarantine they've been busy baking bread and rollerskating.

I met Liz last year in 2019 on a feature I was Assistant Directing and she was DPing. She was my saving grace on this travel show. Friendship emerges very quickly in the film industry when you both go through what feels like war. War of production and fighting time and producers and locations...

I found out that that Morgan, her roommate & friend, worked in the building across from me when I was interning at a Superprime, a commercial production company. Small world!

I had the pleasure of photographing their friendship and their mad skate skillz.

Liz's Instagram @get_bready_to_rumble

Morgan's Twitter @morgan_sung

Liz's Baking Instagram @get_bready_to_rumble

Morgan's Twitter @morgan_sung & skate adventures @not__a__skater

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