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Joshua Tree Engagement

Aug 16, 2020

I absolutely am in love with these two. I had the pleasure of taking their "official" engagement photos. One of my best friends, Kaya, and her fiancé Jake came to Joshua Tree for their anniversary and I invited myself over to shoot them. We were right outside the park where the sun was going down and we pulled over next to this empty patch of land next to a few houses. I don't think we were in anyone's yard, but we were close/next to some houses.

As we were shooting with this GORGEOUS sunset, we saw a few onlookers across the street from the house. I don't know why I thought they would call the police but I told them to reenact their proposal and it was beautiful. They shared a beautiful moment all over again on their anniversary and I'm so happy I was able to be apart of that moment and capture it.

Peep at a pic below with the flowers on the left side of the frame to foreshadow the first photos lol.


This is probably my favorite shoot to date because this is what I love to do. I would love to capture moments like these for couples forever. I can't stress how much I love doing this.

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