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When it comes to graphic design, I like to incorporate photography in it as much as possible. I believe in capturing the essence of what a product, brand, or company stands for.

Whether it's for a movie poster, flyer or logo.

Personal Branding -

Business Card

A business card is traditionally the primary way that people present their contact information to other people

and potential clients. 


But it's more than that. It's about branding.

I designed my business card to include a very minimalistic look with a dark and light color palette, a specific font and logo, to make it easy for the eyes to read and to compliment the design of my website as well.



A Sneak Peek - 

I included some photos that I took on the back of the 

business card to add examples of my work.

This way, whoever I hand my card to, can get a glimpse

of the type of work I do and look further on my website

and Instagram to find out more.



A location flyer for the film office in Philadelphia. 

If you own an interesting property, house, apartment, business, and you're a film lover, you can now be apart of the filmmaking process! Filmmakers are always looking for locations because the cost to build a set from the ground up is way more costly. 

GPFO is always looking to add more properties to their database. To learn more and submit, click here!


Movie Poster

Movie poster designed for the short psychological thriller film

I produced.

Inspired by the simplicity and minimalist approach to many film posters, I took that concept to create a dark, yet powerful poster image.

The film is currently being screened at Reel East Film Festival.


Art Poster

Art Poster created in Illustrator using a famous image of the lightweight eight-division world champion boxer and politician, 

Manny Pacquiao.

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